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profile pic moniqueHello there! I am Monique de Mihalitsianos, ​and I’m a writer & yogini (a female practitioner of yoga). I seek to serve people across the globe by helping them reach the maximum levels of health and wellness through the practices of yoga, meditation, & spirituality. 

My ebooks and online courses are aimed towards those who yearn for a true union of the body and the soul… Because real health can only be acheived when the mind is balanced, and the mind can only be balanced when the body is optimized.

Spiritual practices such as meditation, reflection and concentration have a direct effect on the body… leading not only to an increased sense of well-being, but also to natural detoxification and even weight loss. These spiritual practices, when combined with physical excercises–especially the traditional millenary practice of yoga asanas (poses)–yield optimal levels of health and wellbeing.

I want to show you how this is done by sharing with you the proven methods on how best to combine both of these practices, creating a roadmap that will help you transform into your most vibrant and alive self.

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Besides being a yogini, I am also a mother and an avid reader and writer. I believe in sharing my true self to everyone, so I do also use this space share the miscellaneous blog post on my other interests such as art, books, film, motherhood, and life in general 🙂

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For more on me as a yogini, please read: “My Return to Yoga”

For more on me as a writer, please read: “I Am an Artist”


13 thoughts on “Yoga & Wellness

  1. Hola, soy panameña de nacimiento y de alma universal. He visto que estás interesada en la antroposofía. Yo vivo en España y estoy buscando el servicio de antroposofía en Panamá para mi papa que sí reside allá. Sabes si lo ofrecen en Panamá.? Gracias de antemano. Un abrazo.


  2. Hola!
    Mi nombre es Melodia y soy de los estados unidos. Espero que es OK se escribo en ingles!
    My friend from Belgium and I are both storytellers (we’re interns at the International School of Storytelling in England) and we are both interested in anthroposophy. We’ve been studying it in the last years!
    We have a question for you! We are really interested in connecting with people who are working with story and anthroposophy all around the world, so it would be lovely to meet you. We are actually traveling to Nicaragua and need to stay in Panama for one night (the 29th of January). Do you think it could be possible for us to stay with you? Or would you know of a place we could stay and perhaps we could meet you for a coffee or something?
    Would be lovely!
    Thanks a lot, and hope to hear from you. My e-mail is:
    All the best!


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  4. Hola mi nombre es Rosalia soy argentina, vivo en Europa. me encantò tu experiencia y voy a leer el libro como conocer los mundos superiores porque me intriga todo lo que cuentas…gracias


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