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Guardian of the Gates

High Fantasy, 100k

cover pic guardian of the gates

Shri is the Guardian of the Forest Queendom. She’s a young and gifted archer with the magical ability to seal the wood’s invisible gates, barring entry to all trespassers. But when a wanderer from the North bringing grave news requests a meeting with the Queen, Shri starts to question her identity for the first time in her life. And when the perilous situation finally becomes clear to her, Shri realizes that fighting for who she really is could mean the difference between salvation and ruin for all.

To do this, Shri has to face the Shadow that haunts her and come to grips with the dark memories that someone tore away from her mind through forest magic. But she is not alone. The Northman knows more than he reveals. So does his son, a young but hardened warrior that is both cruel and benevolent, cold yet caring, and whom Shri can’t decide if she loves or detests. With their aid, Shri must rip apart the lies of her own life and confront the larger realities of war, treason, and pain… All in hopes of saving the magical realm that she loves.

GUARDIAN OF THE GATES is a 100k adult high fantasy novel with crossover appeal to the YA market. It could bescribed as Snow White meets Game of Thrones. The manuscript is avaiable upon request. The story stands alone but has series potential. 

The Sun-Child

Urban Fantasy, 90k

COVER ART sun child

Daniel Maze revels in the pleasure of killing with his powers, knowing always that he must only heal the pure and kill the evil. These are the mandates of his self-procclaimed “morally justified” tribe, The Sun-Children, a secret group of supernaturals living underground beneath the sewer system of modern-day Seattle. Daniel has absolutely everything under control… That is, until his grip slips and he kills an innocent. But he has no time to figure out why–or how–he lost control over his powers. The Sun-Children now want him dead for breaking their code, and they don’t mess around.

As events unravel, Daniel realizes he must take charge of his own fate. He can either fight against the people he once considered family, get back in the fray somehow in order to serve what he considers to be the greater good, or continue living only for himself, content with merely surviving. But more importantly, Daniel must choose whether or not to let himself succumb to the darkness that grows stronger in him every day… or give into it and experience limitless indulgence and power.

THE SUN-CHILD is an adult urban fantasy novel with series potential complete at 90,000 words, and is available upon request. The story features an anti-hero with a heart of gold who is also an all-new and unique supernatural predator, unlike the vampires or werewolves of the past. It is the first of a series. 

Manuscripts complete. They are available to agents, publishers and book reviewers upon request: